Kiss it

So it is now the 4th of July and I officially suck. I haven't been blogging in quite some time but a dear friend reminded me of this and sooooo here I am. It is Wednesday night and the 4th... went to the neighbors house on the corner and now I am drunk. Damn bottle of wine. My ass is kicked. At least it settled my stomach... you are thinking this girl is messed up. YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!! haha. Ahhh, remembering the days where I would do a shot of 151 before really drinking to get the stomach settled in for the night... I will never get to that stage again but damn... I feel pretty good right now. Please excuse if this is just rambling on and on. If you don't like it then kiss my ass. :-) HA! Take that.

Hey, I just noticed spell check on here. You should be thankful for that. My typing sucks the big one. I wonder if anyone acutally reads this? Most likely not so I will keep chatting to myself.

Marco just popped online -- I wonder how he is doing in Acapulco. Lets go and ask him!!! Ahhh, he is going to answer me. I bet the suspense is building inside to see what he says! Funny that he calls me Valeria! Cracking me up right now. Bet you are wondering who Marco is... well, I have "known" him for 6 years now. Really cool guy. He told me how to say very drunk in espanol - bien borracha!!! :-)

What else? Well, I have to pee really, really bad but no desire to get up and go! I am in a funky fun mood. Listening to all the fireworks outside. Wondering where all my friends are and why they are not chatting with me. Bern offered for me to come down and go swimming -- prolly not a great idea. She would get me drinking even more. Gotta love the Irish!!

Tomorrow is going to suck at work. I wish I could explain but it is a waste of my time to do so. To my BF ladies - no more gmail using working hours. Would love to throw in another kiss my fine ass there as well. :-)

My girl Susan is down in NC right now. Hope she is having a marvelous trip! Call me when you get back. Can't wait for our next date night.

Ahhh, I need food!!! Might be back. Might not.


Lora said...

i'm reading, you aren't talking to yourself!

Sarah's Mommy said...

Hope you're feeling okay at work today!

Valerie said...

Lora - so sweet of you to read the crap that goes through my head. I need to find that severed head thing again and really jump into that!!!