8 weeks

The past 8 weeks have gone by so fast. I am just starting to get to know Conor and it is time to go to work. This week my focus is getting him ready for school. He has issues taking a bottle and I think today was semi-successful.

He has great head control. Typically a great mood. Loves his sister (not nearly as much as she loves him though)

I am so very lucky to have 2 great kids!




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Yup - they look alike.

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New School

Caitlyn had her first day at her new school today and she loved it. She was happy and singing when I picked her up. No grouchy little butt today. I think she will learn more at this new place plus she will start learning spanish again. Her teacher is wonderful with her - this is the same teacher she had at her old school when she was 2.

She excitedly told me about her day and that truly made me happy.

On the home front today Conor and I tried to get some rest to recover from this stomach virus. He slept alot but of course when I tried to lay down he would scream.

The Palmer-Dinh Family

New Addition
Since I last posted we have a new addition to the family. Conor was born June 27th, 2009 @ 6:30AM. He weighed 7lbs 15.5oz (we are rounding up to an even 8lbs) and was 20.5in long. I will post his birth story separate.

Hearing Loss
In the past week we found out that baby Conor shares his sisters hearing loss. It is so much easier to accept this time around since we have been there, done that.

In 2 weeks I go back to work... at a new job. I am so very excited. I will miss the people at my last place but this new adventure should be very stable. Plus, I will get the ability to expand my knowledge.

Family Fun
In 2 weeks the family is going camping for the first time. Yes, even the baby! We are all excited and plan on making this an annual event. Some of Cait's friends are coming with us and that makes her a very happy little girl.