Painful and confusing

So I went to the dermatologist for a follow-up appointment on my ear. 4 weeks ago they took a biopsy or a bad mole on my ear. A few days later I found out that they had to remove all the skin around it. It hurt like hell and just today the doc pulled out the last of the dissoluble stitches. When I was up the mountains last weekend the cold air really hurt my ear so hopefully the sensitivity will go away soon.

I figured today would just be a normal visit, checking the wound. I spent 45 min in the waiting room getting frustrated but what can I do. When I finally went back to be checked he took another look at my arms. There is a spot that hasn't healed very well in 3+ years (right arm, top, near bend-elbow) so he took a biopsy of that. The biopsy didn't bother me, he injected some stuff to make it numb and a minute later he took the punch out and did a punch biopsy. This took a deep chunk out of my arm about the size of a pencil eraser. It is crazy how much that bled! He stitched it up pretty fast and before I knew it he was attacking my left shoulder. So, right now both of my arms hurt. I have more stitches and I wonder what my future holds.

Feel sick to my stomach... gonna go to bed early.

Dark side

Going there and kinda liking it... if only I posted more than I changed the appearance of this damn thing.