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Since I check Amy Jo's blog almost daily to see if there are any updates, I noticed that she had this on there and OF COURSE I had to see how many had my name...
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Robby & Cait

Here is Caitlyn's cousin Robby, he will be 3yrs old in Jan... hard to believe how much he has grown up. They really enjoyed playing together. Robby kept trying to give Cait hugs and kisses but she wasn't really into that, at one point she pushed him away and kinda growled at the poor kid. In this picture Robby is trying to give Cait a hug - Q really likes this pic but I kinda think it looks like he is trying to choke her.

Of course we are 'those' parents and took a pic of the 2 of them in the tub together to show them when they are older. I bet they will love this!! Sometime if you get a chance ask Q about his baths with his cousins when he was a kid.

Melissa's Wedding

Well, we went to Long Island, NY this past weekend and had a wonderful time. The real reason for the trip up there was to go to Melissa's wedding which Q told me was Saturday night. His sister was going to watch Cait and we would head to the wedding with her husband. We got up there Friday night and found out that the wedding isn't on Saturday, in fact it is Sunday night. Who has a wedding on a Sunday?? Don't they know people have to work Monday?? Oh well. We decided not to go because we couldn't bring Cait and didn't want to drive back from NYC to Long Island and then home... crazy long drive. So we call Melissa up Sunday morning and let her know that we can't make it... she did not sound happy so we all felt bad and she said that we could bring the kids. Caitlyn had nothing formal to wear since she wasn't supposed to be going to the wedding. There was no way I was going to bring my little chinky monkey to the extremely formal wedding in jeans! Headed to the closest Children's Place and got her a pretty pink skirt and tights, slipped her sweater on and took her out.

Here we are at the entrance to the reception... it was absolutely beautiful.

Daddy's Little Princess.

She had a wonderful time snacking and dancing at the wedding.

Does this girl ever sit still?

She just climbed on this and I am not quite sure why she doesn't sit on it the right way but she will bounce up and down making her butt hit the sirens. Sounds funny in person and she just cracks me up.

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Mommy & Me

Here we are... Yes, I am being silly. Posted by Picasa


Yup, it is my arm. Might taste like chicken. haha Posted by Picasa

Thanks, Aaron!

We now have a screamer.

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This is a few weeks old but here is 9 Months

You all must think I am crazy for taking so many pictures but she LOVES the camera. Our little girl turned 9 months old on Sept 20th, she had a very good birthday. We took her to the Collegeville Diner for breakfast before her doctors appointment and she had a feast. I feel guilty that I told her no shots for this appointment and she had to have her last Hep B shot, I am sure she will forgive me. Oh and they said bring her back to the lab so they could prick her finger and do a lead & iron test... well baby girl must have my veins, they had to prick her twice and squeeze that poor little finger till there was nothing left. She is not a bleeder, just like Mommy.

She is doing everything on target and still weighing in above the 90th percentile in all areas: 21lbs 2oz, 30 inches tall and 18 1/4 head. No wonder she is in 18 month clothes.

Miss Cait is crawling very fast and has perfected her cruising but still refuses to take a step without holding on to anything. She loves to read books, can even turn the pages herself. The book in her lap was her 9 month present, she went to pick it out after her sitters at the Learning Express. Baby food is not one of her favorite things anymore, she would much rather feed herself. We make chicken tenders for her, peas, toast, eggs and pretty much everything else. She is saying Dada, Mum mum, mama, baba, bada, hi, yaya, hey, huh, eye and "no"! Lol, wonder where she gets the no from - it is said to her quite often. Chasing the cat is her favorite daily event, poor Simon is getting very scared. She is even doing much better with her hearing aids, kept them in the other night for almost 3 hours straight.

Better days are here

Yeah, yeah, yeah... depression really sucks but I am trying to make the best of it. I realize that there are people out there a whole lot worse off. This little cutie seems to keep me in check most days:

Of course this picture is a few weeks old since she now has 3 top teeth and a 4th trying to make it's way though. I am shocked at how good she has been through all of this. Yes, there have been tantrums and crying spells but I think those are normal now and not really a product of teething. It is a good excuse for the time being. Doesn't she have nice tonsils?!

Love you guys!

A girl couldn't ask for a better bunch or friends! These ladies help keep me sane and their wonderful little ones keep Caitlyn on her toes. I am sure she will learn how to walk from watching Aaron, learn how to be a bully (assertive female) from Johanna, a rockstar from Sammy and a little monkey that loves to cuddle from little Jake!

Crappy day.

Well, I am having a crappy day. This depression is killing me, I wonder how much longer till the meds kick in. I got all anxious for my Sinus SMR that was supposed to happen at 2:10 today, got there on time and nervously sat in the waiting room. As I kept checking my watch every few minutes waiting for them to call my name I was wondering how much it will suck to have a laser shoved up my nose while I was awake. So after I sat there in the waiting room for 45 minutes I saw the nurse come out and asked who was there to see Dr. Cramer... I raise my hand and then she said everyone will need to reschedule because the doctor had to go the ER for an emergency surgery. At this point I am not sure how I was feeling, maybe a bit of relief that it wasn't going to happen today or pissed cause I will have to go back and go through all of this waiting all over again.

So, I get back home and of course my husband really doesn't say much to me. I let him know I have to go back later in the month. We go pick up Caitlyn and of course he does his usual, constantly laying down. I just don't get it, why can he sit up and play with his daughter or talk to me. Of course he would blame me for all of this. Caitlyn is my entire world. Right now she is pretty much my only world. I am trying to get out of this funk that I am in. Yesterday with Susan and the other fine ladies helped quite a bit, I felt kinda normal. I guess take things day by day.

My little princess is sleeping now. She looks so cute with her doll as a pillow and one little hand reaching around her crib looking for her pacifier. I wish I could crawl in her crib with her and just snuggle with her all night. Nope, I get to be next to someone that snores and farts all night long and can't stretch out cause the cat is always at my feet. Maybe this will be another night of staring at Caits monitor while she sleeps.

I'll try to find a cute pic to put up and try to have nice dreams tonight. To many things on my mind.