Finally, a good weekend.

For the first time in a very long time I have no complaints about the weekend. Well, of course it ended way too fast but that is only natural. We had a good time Friday night watching tv and I think a movie but my memory doesn't really go back that far! My 20's were way too good for me and has killed a few too many brain cells so now I am dealing with a crappy memory.

Yesterday I got my new picture for my PA license. Hard to believe I have been here 4 years and will be turning 31 later this week. I have the old pic and the new one, doesn't even look like the same person. Of course shopping is always in order for having to do the crappy picture anyways. We head over to Babies R Us to return yet another stairway gate that will not fit the top of the stairs -- I think we have officially given up at this point. Cait can get down all on her own and when she gets old enough to be out of her crib we will just get a gate for her door. Even when we do that I am pretty sure she will know how to get out of it a hell of alot easier than we will. What is a Real Mom to do? I am open for suggestions! lol ** We ended up getting her a new Umbrella Stroller - Chicco C-6 I think it is.

So, we get back home and Cait actually takes a decent afternoon nap. Our Brandywine Club party started at 7pm. Miss Cait walked to the neighbors house and proceeded to have a wonderful time. I think I counted around 15 kids. They had set up a little Easter Egg hunt in the basement, she was more interested in watching the older kids do the hunt but she came out with 4 eggs! We let her play until 8:20 and her Dad walked back home with her and put her down for the night. It was my turn to stay later and I ended up strolling home at 10pm. We have the best neighbors, such a crazy crew and so many things to learn from each and every one of them. I look forward to hanging out with them once a month.

Today was pretty good too. We went to Cait's cousins 1st birthday party. Of course Q's family was there and it was loud and smelly. Let me elaborate a bit on the loud and smelly part -- they are Viet and love loud Viet music (typically kareoke) plus bring on the ethnic food! Before I had Cait I was able to stomach the food but now it truly kills me. I have such horrible gas! When we got there Miss Caity Cait did her 15 min cling to me deal and after that she was running around like a mad woman. We didn't put her hearing aids on since everything was so loud and quite honestly not much was said in English. If you are reading this and know me pretty well, this situation used to royally piss me off. I would sit there and have nothing to do and not be involved in any conversations but since Cait came along it is all tolerable since I have her to keep me company.

It is time for me to fold the clean laundry and go to bed. I am thankful that my husband did all the cleaning this week and has been a good Dad to Cait. Plus, after a 2 month drought I finally got some -- twice!

Are you shocked that I am not posting any pictures?! Maybe tomorrow.

Real moms...

Are truly stressed out from the crazy things that 15 month old girls do...

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Yes, she is standing on the bike seat with no hands. She thinks this is hilarious.

Cold weather sucks

I really hop ehtis is the last of the ice/snow storms!

Her dad has her obsessed with cleaning!


Daddy... what are you doing?

Can we get this girl off the phone?

A glimpse into the future.

And now for the new shoes...


Got the results, no abnormalities on the CT Scan. Of course they are going to go over it again and send out a full report but everything looks fine. So, still no answers. I scheduled an appointment with genetic testing and the earliest available is December 5th! Yes, DECEMBER! Oh well. No rush on that either.

CT Scan

This morning was tough but we all made it through it. She woke up at 5:30 and we got 2 cups of jello into her since that was the only substance besides water that she was allowed to have. Got to the appointment and they put the little bracelet on her wrist. She started to get a little worried at that point. Then we go back and strip her down to get her vitals. She is still weighing in at 22lbs. Head is 48cm and has great blood pressure & oxygen. She started whimpering when the nurse was taking all of this down. They gave her a cool little yellow outfit to put on, the gown that covers nothing in the back and little pants. We head back to go over her medical history, thankfully there isn't much to mention! Cait goes out and plays with the toys till they are ready for her. It is actually a good thing she is still only 22lbs cause that is their cutoff weight for using the sedative they used – if she would have been any bigger it would have been an IV instead of liquid.

They give her the 2 syringes of medicine and she hates it. She would have done better if they didn't make her lay down. Little Miss D. got upset from this and puked a little bit. As soon as she calmed down she passed out in my arms. She hasn't slept in my arms since she was a tiny baby!! The lady comes back in and we wheel Cait down to get her scan done. She never wakes up, sleeps through the whole thing. We bring her back to her room and she sleeps for another hour then we are allowed to see if she is awake. Gave her some juice and cookies. She was definitely hungry. Waited another 15 min to make sure she wasn't going to hurl all over the place. Got her dressed and headed home.

She passed out again in the car. She is home with her daddy for the day. We were told not to let her walk around that much cause she is like a drunken sailor right now and prolly will be all day.

Saturday at the Park.

Stomach in knots

Okay, when Caitlyn was just a little baby we were told that she would need a CT Scan to rule out any additional issues with her hearing loss and they said to do this between 12 and 18 months old. She is now 14 months old and tomorrow is the day. After 2:30 am she isn't allowed to have any solid foods and after 6:30 am she can't have any clear liquids either. We plan on giving her some jello at 6am and hope it will tide her over till after the procedure.

Since she is a baby still they have to sedate her for the scan. I am sure she will not be pleased with this. Thankfully, her daddy has taken the day off to be with her. I will go to the scan and then go to work after. I am positive I will be nervous all day!

We have to be there an hour early, maybe she will be better running around CHOP and getting into things there. I am not sure how I am feeling about what the results will be or even how bad they could be.

I am off to try to relax. I am sure tomorrow will be a long day for all of us.

Here is a fun picture to leave you with...

I have to add one more thing. Just a few minutes ago I was talking to Q about tomorrow and what the CT scan is for. As usual we aregue about it. Then I ask him what is wrong with Cait's hearing. He doesn't even know, he said mild/moderate hearing loss. No Shit Sherlock. She has had Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss for 14 months and he can't even remember that. Yes, it is in the mild/moderate range but that doesn't tell anyone anything. K, done.


Nope, she is too cool to say hello... it is Yeah.

Dear Friends,

I know I haven't been online at all lately. I know I haven't made any calls to you (I think Amy still may get a random call from Cait -- SORRY!). My friendship skills have just been sucking lately.

Please know that none of this is on purpose! Getting back into the working world has taken a toll on me. I go to bed before 10pm now and no more access to IM. The nerve of being a grown up with a real job now! Who woulda thunk it. I miss my little kiddo quite a bit and sometimes even throw a thought in or two about my Spanky. Just don't let him know that I miss him at times too! SHHHHHHH!!!!

My new schedule of getting up at 5:55am and having to shower and look decent everyday is such a hassle. I am not a fan of wearing dress clothes all the time now and especially not the uncomfortable damn shoes that they make for women. I absolutely HATE wearing heels but it is a must with certain outfits. This all comes from a woman that has lived in jeans and t-shirts for the last 3 years and now NO more jeans or sneakers. WTF.

Enough bitching about that. I really do love my new job. The work is interesting. I am surrounded by nice people. My boss is actually funny. Oh, and I am nonstop busy. No more surfing the net 8 hours a day.

So, I have a lunch dilemma. Been at the job for 2 weeks as of tomorrow and still have no lunch buddies. Damn, I feel like the fat kid. How do I go about getting invited to lunch with the cool kids? I wish Susan worked with me. life would be grand then.

This cold weather still sucks. Cait is in daycare for 9.5 hours a day... well, I think it is really 9.25 hours but who is counting.

Miss D is 14 months old now... she has been since last week. The girl still isn't gaining any weight. She actually lost a pound during the hell of a stomach virus she had last weekend and ended up giving to me. On a good note, I lost 3 lbs with it!

Time to go relax.

If any of you want to reach me, send me an email to my gmail account cause I typically check it every other hour or so. You can even give me a call... I am better at answering the phone than making the calls lately.

I'll leave you with a few pics I took last night of Cait eating watermelon.