Well, I have to admit I am back in my usual spot. Crossroads.

The house is up for sale. Want it to sell fast but I don't know what will happen then. I just want to be with my baby Cait and smile. I love her so very much.

Probably going to sign her up for soccer again this fall. Saturday morning 9am classes. She really enjoyed it and I bet will be even better now.

2 weeks ago I had some issues with her daycare. She has new hearing aids and they sent her to a new room for the afternoon. When I got to her school I saw her aids in her cubby in pieces! Yes, pieces!! They were also wet. As you can tell I was quite pissed. Those aren't cheap. I spoke with the owner and he said it will never happen again but honestly the teachers there suck now. There is no way I will allow her to move up to the next room. That teacher is a complete idiot. She wasn't watching Cait do any of this. When we opened the battery compartment we noticed that both batteries had multiple bite marks... what if she had swallowed one of them??

When I picked her up today there is a new "helper" in her room that had never changed a diaper before Tuesday. How in the hell can they hire someone that has never even changed one? Cait & Tyler refused to let her change them... good thing she is in panties most of the day. That brings me to the next topic -- Potty Training.

She will pee on the potty all day but refuses to poop on it. How do I get her to poop on the potty?!?!?!

There are no more naps. Even found out that she sleeps with her eyes open at times. Later in life she will understand that naps are ok cause you really aren't missing anything!! I want a nap!

Work sucks. They cut half the staff... when I started there were 50 ppl there and now only 24. Last week they made a major cut - I am shocked I made it. Now I have a new boss which is okay but very different. Still unclear on what my new role is. Guess I will find out sometime.

I'm tired. More later.


Did a personality test tonight and got my answers. It actually makes sense.

Thinking about jumping on here again. Once you read my results you will see why I jump from one thing to the next!!