I'm blessed by you...

I was asked to leave a comment on @tadahmom blog. Her post is here: tadahmom.com worth taking a peek at her blog... great reading!

So without any hesitation I wrote my comment. It was so easy to think of, no hesitation as I truly do love my kids.

"Less than 10 minutes ago I put my almost 4 yo little girl to bed. She asked politely "stay 5 minutes, couple minutes" and I love it when she asks. I cuddled with her and being silly I put my head on her chest to hear her heart beat. She is my best friend... she has been my entire world for almost 4 years. Her little brother was born 4 months ago and I never thought I could love anyone as much as my little girl but the little guy just made my heart even bigger.

My little girl has started to love writing so she writes notes all the time. I taught her to write "I love you" and I keep it with me at all times.

Honestly, I am a very lucky person. Have two of the best kids in the world."

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