Shots suck

If only I had done all the research prior to her getting the vaccinations. I knew there were some minor risks but never knew this would happen to my little girl.

She had her 12 months vax on Dec 21st. She started with a similar rash on
Monday the 25th and it slowly started to go away and had a low grade
fever - around 101. Yesterday, Friday, she developed a fever over 103
and extremely cranky. This morning her rash is back again and getting
much worse... it is spreading up her neck, on her back and everywhere

When talking to her doctor he said it was viral. She has had many
viral things in the past year and this is not one of them. The shots
she had: MMR, varicella & 2nd flu shot.

Cait doesn't want to eat or drink like she normally does.

Anyone reading this... if you have had a similar experience with shots or know anyone who has please comment.

Look Ma - New tricks!

Since starting to walk a few weeks ago she has progressed into doing other dangerous things. Just check out the look in her eyes... she knows very well that she shouldn't be doing this.

Of course we get this view quite often too:

Chocolate CAKE!

Okay so it is Cait's actual birthday so we got her yet another cake. Girlfriend certainly does love chocolate cake. We have a funny pic of her licking the plate trying to get every last crumb but I'll save that pic for those of you that I know well! I think she had a wonderful time turning one. Well, who wouldn't love to eat that much cake!

Yup, officially a toddler! Got the shirt to prove it.

Oh, check this out... Miss Amy Jo sent a beautiful doll, Miss D. loves it. She takes the pacifier and tries to suck on it.

1 Year Doc visit

Well, Miss D. had her 1 year doc visit today. She is doing well.
Thankfully the little Bossy Butt has gone down for a much needed nap.
So what if is is a few hours late. She had to play with her dolls for
a while since they had missed her all day.

She had 3 more shots today and was NOT pleased with that at all.

If you are curious here are her stats:
7lbs 13oz weight
20.5" height
13.75 head

22lbs weight
32" height
19" head

So, in 1 year she has grown 11.5" and gained 14lbs 3 oz!! Not gonna
figure out the math for the head... we all know it is huge.

Her hearing situation remains the same. She still wears hearing aids
as often as possible.

Happy Birthday!

How to make a baby scream

This is the easiest way I could come up with!

1st Dental Appointment

At 2:30pm today Caitlyn visited the dentist for the first time for a routine check-up. She wasn't thrilled that she had to get up early from her nap but she dealt with it, her maturity is already showing through! We get to the dentist office and I could tell she was a bit nervous. They call her name and we follow them back. Her eyes are wide open now... any sign of sleepiness is far gone. She meets her dentist and we sit in the chair. I was told to have Cait face me and then lay her back on my knees so the dentist could check out her teeth. Of course Miss Cait starts having a fait cause she has to lay down and open her mouth. The exam was very short and sweet. All 7 teeth are is excellent shape. She should have another one within a few days! No tarter and certainly no cavities. Just keep brushing 2 times per day and things should be fine.

We are trying to break her of the bottle habit now. She is down to only 2 a day, one in the morning and one before bed. The rest of the day she has a sippy cup. Once we get rid of the bottle by the new year we will work on tossing out her binky. She is only allowed to have that in her crib.

Only a few days left until her 1st b-day. We are all very excited. She even got a really nice book in the mail from her friend Sarah. Thank YOU!!!

Here is a pic of Cait and her new tooth brush:

Blowing bubbles is the cool thing to do!

Miss Cait discovered that she can blow bubbles in her milk tonight and thought that was quite funny. A bit messy but funny!

So, there are quite a few videos on the blog now. I guess it is time to start writing again.


So interested in Tarzan she forgot she is walking!

Nothing like chewing on a purse, watching a cartoon and walking along.

My Married life

To Quang at least! lol

Birthday party video (4)

Anal retentive and compulsive, eh Susan??

Birthday party video (3)

Watch Cait crawl out of the ball pit as easy as can be.

Aaron's Birthday party video (2)

more birthday fun

Aaron's Birthday party video (1)

birthday video