1st Dental Appointment

At 2:30pm today Caitlyn visited the dentist for the first time for a routine check-up. She wasn't thrilled that she had to get up early from her nap but she dealt with it, her maturity is already showing through! We get to the dentist office and I could tell she was a bit nervous. They call her name and we follow them back. Her eyes are wide open now... any sign of sleepiness is far gone. She meets her dentist and we sit in the chair. I was told to have Cait face me and then lay her back on my knees so the dentist could check out her teeth. Of course Miss Cait starts having a fait cause she has to lay down and open her mouth. The exam was very short and sweet. All 7 teeth are is excellent shape. She should have another one within a few days! No tarter and certainly no cavities. Just keep brushing 2 times per day and things should be fine.

We are trying to break her of the bottle habit now. She is down to only 2 a day, one in the morning and one before bed. The rest of the day she has a sippy cup. Once we get rid of the bottle by the new year we will work on tossing out her binky. She is only allowed to have that in her crib.

Only a few days left until her 1st b-day. We are all very excited. She even got a really nice book in the mail from her friend Sarah. Thank YOU!!!

Here is a pic of Cait and her new tooth brush:


Angela said...

Way to be brave and set a good example, Cait! Lauren goes to the dentist on Wednesday.

Sarah's Mommy said...

Like the new look of the site!

You're welcome for the book. Chewing on them is great fun!

My dentist said he doesn't need to see me for another year because my pedi said my teeth look good.... Hmmm.