1 Year Doc visit

Well, Miss D. had her 1 year doc visit today. She is doing well.
Thankfully the little Bossy Butt has gone down for a much needed nap.
So what if is is a few hours late. She had to play with her dolls for
a while since they had missed her all day.

She had 3 more shots today and was NOT pleased with that at all.

If you are curious here are her stats:
7lbs 13oz weight
20.5" height
13.75 head

22lbs weight
32" height
19" head

So, in 1 year she has grown 11.5" and gained 14lbs 3 oz!! Not gonna
figure out the math for the head... we all know it is huge.

Her hearing situation remains the same. She still wears hearing aids
as often as possible.


Anonymous said...

What make are her hearing aids?

Valerie said...

She has Oticon Gaia. They seem to work well for her. Maybe when she is a teen she will be able to use the in the ear hearing aids instead of BTE's.

Anonymous said...

I hope so, but it will depend on her hearing loss I suppose, and maybe she might not like the in the ear ones as bte's can be less conspicuous.

Valerie said...

Do I know you?? Well, Cait has mild/moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Discovered at birth. At this time no known reason. We have gone to genetic counseling and they didn't see anything but offered us testing if we wanted to go forward with it. We would like to wait till she is older to put her through that.