Last one for now.

Every girl needs to take a few minutes and dance.

Is she really doing this??

Miss Cait is on the big kids swing all on her own. Of course this was all being done while I was inside as sick as could be that Sunday afternoon.

Another trip to the zoo!

Okay, this is getting serious. Cailtyn went on her 2nd date in less than a week with Aaron. They have now shared sippy cups & snacks. Probably handfuls of hair and flesh too but hey, they were trying to play nice.

Caitlyn still has her fear of animal statues and like any cruel parents we keep putting her on/near them.

So, I finally look semi thin in a picture!

Swing date

Once we got back from Maine we met Aaron & Susan in the city for an afternoon play date. Caitlyn had a wonderful time even though Aaron played a little rough... typical boy behavior though! It was also Cait's first time on a swing in a park and she absolutely loved it. I think she will love rollercoasters when she gets older.

Our Family

2nd Attempt at Augusta pics...

Blocks in a hotel room

And here are the mommies and babies...

Gabby & Cait

These pics were from Labor Day weekend in Freeport, Maine.


Yup, pissed me off again... had a great post and it just disappeared.

I am going to bed.

Trip to Maine, pt 1

So I got to meet my Grandpa for the first time and boy didn't he love me!! He held me all the time and let me play with things mom & dad wont! I'll have to visit him again sometime soon.

We went to Lake St. Geroge and had a good time. Daddy was still upset cause Mommy & Grandpa made him hike through the woods and he got his feet a little muddy. But he eventually got over it.

Put your clothes on Girl!!

So, this was the zoo last month.

We found out that Cait is terrified of animal statues!

FINALLY... let the stories begin.

No kidding, this piece of crap blogger is finally letting me post a picture again. This has been irritating me for weeks. Okay, so this was Cait a week ago. I will have a ton more pictures to add since I haven't been able to get anything done on here in close to a month. So many updates.

Pics from the last few weeks!

Zoo Trip...