Cait loves her little brother so very much but over the weekend the
inevitable happened. She asked if could go back in my tummy. But after
she whispered in his little ear "you are my best friend" I was such a
proud mom!

Hearing aids

This was a pretty big week for my little boy. He is now 4 months old
and received his loaner aids from CHOP. We got them on Monday but had
to wait till Tuesday night for him to experience hearing. I have to
say it was a perfect and beautiful sight.

He was a good little boy and stayed still and calm while I fitted the
tubes. Once everything was just right with the equipment I turned them
on. He sat there quietly for a minute. Looked all around just taking
everything in. Then his dad loudly said hello - it must have
overwhelmed him cause he started to cry. Got this funny little look on
his face when he heard himself cry and broke into laughter. For the
next 20 min he cracked himself up by laughing.

It was truly amazing to witness this.

Now he has hearing aids like his older sister. I remember when she
first got hers. There were so many mixed emotions and uncertainty.
With him it was relaxed and happy. We know what to expect with him.
Caitlyn does so well with her hearing aids and I am positive he do
well too.

It is sad that both kids have a disability but if you had to pick one
this would be the easiest to deal with. With hearing aids both kids
can hear very well.

I am so proud of them.