CT Scan

This morning was tough but we all made it through it. She woke up at 5:30 and we got 2 cups of jello into her since that was the only substance besides water that she was allowed to have. Got to the appointment and they put the little bracelet on her wrist. She started to get a little worried at that point. Then we go back and strip her down to get her vitals. She is still weighing in at 22lbs. Head is 48cm and has great blood pressure & oxygen. She started whimpering when the nurse was taking all of this down. They gave her a cool little yellow outfit to put on, the gown that covers nothing in the back and little pants. We head back to go over her medical history, thankfully there isn't much to mention! Cait goes out and plays with the toys till they are ready for her. It is actually a good thing she is still only 22lbs cause that is their cutoff weight for using the sedative they used – if she would have been any bigger it would have been an IV instead of liquid.

They give her the 2 syringes of medicine and she hates it. She would have done better if they didn't make her lay down. Little Miss D. got upset from this and puked a little bit. As soon as she calmed down she passed out in my arms. She hasn't slept in my arms since she was a tiny baby!! The lady comes back in and we wheel Cait down to get her scan done. She never wakes up, sleeps through the whole thing. We bring her back to her room and she sleeps for another hour then we are allowed to see if she is awake. Gave her some juice and cookies. She was definitely hungry. Waited another 15 min to make sure she wasn't going to hurl all over the place. Got her dressed and headed home.

She passed out again in the car. She is home with her daddy for the day. We were told not to let her walk around that much cause she is like a drunken sailor right now and prolly will be all day.