Dear Friends,

I know I haven't been online at all lately. I know I haven't made any calls to you (I think Amy still may get a random call from Cait -- SORRY!). My friendship skills have just been sucking lately.

Please know that none of this is on purpose! Getting back into the working world has taken a toll on me. I go to bed before 10pm now and no more access to IM. The nerve of being a grown up with a real job now! Who woulda thunk it. I miss my little kiddo quite a bit and sometimes even throw a thought in or two about my Spanky. Just don't let him know that I miss him at times too! SHHHHHHH!!!!

My new schedule of getting up at 5:55am and having to shower and look decent everyday is such a hassle. I am not a fan of wearing dress clothes all the time now and especially not the uncomfortable damn shoes that they make for women. I absolutely HATE wearing heels but it is a must with certain outfits. This all comes from a woman that has lived in jeans and t-shirts for the last 3 years and now NO more jeans or sneakers. WTF.

Enough bitching about that. I really do love my new job. The work is interesting. I am surrounded by nice people. My boss is actually funny. Oh, and I am nonstop busy. No more surfing the net 8 hours a day.

So, I have a lunch dilemma. Been at the job for 2 weeks as of tomorrow and still have no lunch buddies. Damn, I feel like the fat kid. How do I go about getting invited to lunch with the cool kids? I wish Susan worked with me. life would be grand then.

This cold weather still sucks. Cait is in daycare for 9.5 hours a day... well, I think it is really 9.25 hours but who is counting.

Miss D is 14 months old now... she has been since last week. The girl still isn't gaining any weight. She actually lost a pound during the hell of a stomach virus she had last weekend and ended up giving to me. On a good note, I lost 3 lbs with it!

Time to go relax.

If any of you want to reach me, send me an email to my gmail account cause I typically check it every other hour or so. You can even give me a call... I am better at answering the phone than making the calls lately.

I'll leave you with a few pics I took last night of Cait eating watermelon.


Campbell's Mom said...

The worst part about going back to work is the SHOES! If I could wear my Crocs or my flops everyday, I think I would be more productive.

Angela said...

I would be your lunch buddy! Seriously, you've got to practice your pong skills.

I wonder if they make Stride Rites in women's sizes?

Amy Jo said...

Look at all those teeth! She is getting so big, and I can't wait to see all of you once we're back up north.

susan said...

Miss you! Pick a day for us to come be your lunch buddies... let me know what you want and we can even bring it to you and sit with you in the cafeteria so that all the cool kids will see that you don't need them. You've got way cooler friends that don't even go to your school, er, job. And we can call each other the night before and plan what to wear and I'll bring all my neon scrunchies and my new blue eyeshadow and we can trade shoes and take pictures of ourselves in the photobooth at the mall in our fab matching denim mini-skirts. It will be, like, so cool. :)

(Seriously, I'd love to meet ya for lunch... just tell me the time and place!)