My Day.

Projectile vomiting. She puked in her crib, she puked in her high chair, and she puked in the dining room. All I smell is puke. Sour vomit. My back is killing me from carrying her most of the day. I am stressed that she is losing weight and refuses to eat right now. Her poop smells horrible. It was white too... how does it become white? The only food she wanted today was popcorn. Yes, I gave her all the popcorn she wanted. The poor child is in bed early tongiht and I am sure I will find a surprise when I go in to check on her.

Plus, this damn cat is alwyas on my lap! Okay, time to clean up the mess downstairs again. At least it should be the last time for today. There is always tomorrow.


Lora said...

there's a whole lot of that here today and yesterday. my house smells like a port-a-potty

Jen said...

hoping cait feels better soon and you get a break.

Sarah's Mommy said...

So sorry for you and for Cait!

Hope she's feeling better by now!