Melissa's Wedding

Well, we went to Long Island, NY this past weekend and had a wonderful time. The real reason for the trip up there was to go to Melissa's wedding which Q told me was Saturday night. His sister was going to watch Cait and we would head to the wedding with her husband. We got up there Friday night and found out that the wedding isn't on Saturday, in fact it is Sunday night. Who has a wedding on a Sunday?? Don't they know people have to work Monday?? Oh well. We decided not to go because we couldn't bring Cait and didn't want to drive back from NYC to Long Island and then home... crazy long drive. So we call Melissa up Sunday morning and let her know that we can't make it... she did not sound happy so we all felt bad and she said that we could bring the kids. Caitlyn had nothing formal to wear since she wasn't supposed to be going to the wedding. There was no way I was going to bring my little chinky monkey to the extremely formal wedding in jeans! Headed to the closest Children's Place and got her a pretty pink skirt and tights, slipped her sweater on and took her out.

Here we are at the entrance to the reception... it was absolutely beautiful.

Daddy's Little Princess.

She had a wonderful time snacking and dancing at the wedding.


Hailey's Mom said...

What a great photo of the family. You all look great!

cubmom said...

Great family picture Val! You look wonderful and happy.