Better days are here

Yeah, yeah, yeah... depression really sucks but I am trying to make the best of it. I realize that there are people out there a whole lot worse off. This little cutie seems to keep me in check most days:

Of course this picture is a few weeks old since she now has 3 top teeth and a 4th trying to make it's way though. I am shocked at how good she has been through all of this. Yes, there have been tantrums and crying spells but I think those are normal now and not really a product of teething. It is a good excuse for the time being. Doesn't she have nice tonsils?!


Anonymous said...

i love this pic. if she ever gets her tonsils out you can show her the before.

jen (turf)

Campbell's Mom said...

Sweet little Cait is so cute! She could bring a smile to anyone's face!