This is a few weeks old but here is 9 Months

You all must think I am crazy for taking so many pictures but she LOVES the camera. Our little girl turned 9 months old on Sept 20th, she had a very good birthday. We took her to the Collegeville Diner for breakfast before her doctors appointment and she had a feast. I feel guilty that I told her no shots for this appointment and she had to have her last Hep B shot, I am sure she will forgive me. Oh and they said bring her back to the lab so they could prick her finger and do a lead & iron test... well baby girl must have my veins, they had to prick her twice and squeeze that poor little finger till there was nothing left. She is not a bleeder, just like Mommy.

She is doing everything on target and still weighing in above the 90th percentile in all areas: 21lbs 2oz, 30 inches tall and 18 1/4 head. No wonder she is in 18 month clothes.

Miss Cait is crawling very fast and has perfected her cruising but still refuses to take a step without holding on to anything. She loves to read books, can even turn the pages herself. The book in her lap was her 9 month present, she went to pick it out after her sitters at the Learning Express. Baby food is not one of her favorite things anymore, she would much rather feed herself. We make chicken tenders for her, peas, toast, eggs and pretty much everything else. She is saying Dada, Mum mum, mama, baba, bada, hi, yaya, hey, huh, eye and "no"! Lol, wonder where she gets the no from - it is said to her quite often. Chasing the cat is her favorite daily event, poor Simon is getting very scared. She is even doing much better with her hearing aids, kept them in the other night for almost 3 hours straight.


Angela said...

What a beautiful girl!

Jack's Mom said...

Cait is adorable...she just makes me smile :)