Nothing is safe anymore...

She can reach in drawers, open doors and disengage childproof stuff that I have a hard time with. What is next?! How do you keep a toddler safe? Any words of advice? Lora????? haha


Lora said...

I think the trick is to put knives and other pointy things and all the cleaning supplies and booze and hair products in high cabinets or in the basement and just hope for the best.

If you do that, no one can call the child welfare people on you.

Oh, and you probably should have baby gates (I don't!) and latches or locks on the tops of all your doors (won't find those in my house) and you should never leave the kid alone (sometimes moms have to pee too). But don't push it. You're gonna traumatize your kid anyway no matter what you do, so you may as well start young!