Yes, most of the blog is about Cait but sometimes there is a random post about what is going on in my life. There have been so many ups and downs lately it is hard to keep track of where I am or what is going on. Pretty much everything has been stressing me out.

I don't sleep well and have no motivation to do anything. Even going to work lately is a huge pain. There are so many negative things going on there that I don't even want to face the reality of it right now. I have enough of that crap happening at home.

One positive thing (besides Cait) are the friends I have made. An earlier post shows kayaking, I have more things to write about but some people from work and others from my Mom's group have really kept me sane. A huge Thanks to Susan too -- my monthly dinner and a movie chic!

Ahh, I am getting lazy and want to go read a book. I might be back on later.


Anonymous said...

I can recommend you the language of goodbye by Melody Beattie, I would mail it to you but I have it in spanish, actually I´m not sure if they have it in english, I guess they should, here is El lenguaje del adiĆ³s.

Sorry to learn that things are not going the best way, but dealing with the problems are the best way to get over them and in the end that´s what make us the persons we are.