Party on!

Sooooo, Caitlyn is now a whole year old and feels as though she can do grown-up things like hang out at a club and count down to the new year. Girlfriend certainly loves to be in large crowds and meet up with her many friends. I have a feeling she will be a little social butterfly when she gets older. I'll just have to let her know that Mommy has seen and done many things and will NOT allow her to do the same! Her Daddy used to visit this club and he seems to think he was the man back then. I'll have to dig up an old pic and post it sometime soon. Oh and don't ever get him going on his dancing skills!

A chair the perfect size and color!

Playing so well together:

Time to shake the boo-tay again!

We GOT IT!! This toy has been driving me crazy, sold out everywhere... finally found one and it was on sale! What luck. She loves the Zebra though.

There are so many comments I could make about the picute above but it is a new year and I am trying to behave! :-)


Angela said...

Caitlyn, maybe your daddy will spin you around on the zebra-horsey thing! It's great fun!
Love, Lauren