Lately I have had a few people ask me why I have been so distant, and constantly being asked "what's wrong?" well, there really isn't anything wrong. I have been busy with my own little world for a few weeks and trying to adapt to all the changes.

Just after new years I was told the news I had been expecting for a few months -- you have 60 - 90 days to find a new job. It really didn't shock me and maybe it hasn't even hit me yet. I simply don't know.

Taking care of Cait has become my full time job. I am always trying to teach her new things and try to keep her from throwing tantrums. She has become such a different person over the past week, it is hard to believe she is 13 months old. Last weekend she climbed up on the couch all on her own, sat down, and started to watch a movie. She looked so grown-up. When Quang started talking she gave him a dirty look cause it was interrupting the movie. I know, we are bad parents for letting her watch House of Flying Daggers but she really loved it. During one of the scenes she started waving her hand around pretending she was in the movie. She even started tapping her hand on the couch to the beat of the drum. While she was doing this her dad looked at her and she looked down at her own hand tapping and looked at it like it was alien to her. We both cracked up and she got all offended. I guess you had to be there on that one.

I am still quite pissed at Kiddie Academy and their lack of response. We called them earlier in the week and they didn't get back to us again. I called yesterday and finally got someone on the phone... still a few more weeks till an opening. I am about ready to say screw them. Need to look in the Audubon area if I get the position I interviewed for earlier today. Hopefully they wont be dicks and have openings and if not have the decency to call us back.

Miss Caitie Cait has stopped napping during her regular times. I am lucky if she naps for 45 min in the morning and that is it for the day. It is exhausting chasing after her all day long. Oh, she is getting her 4th molar in. She now has 12 teeth! Maybe once it is all the way though she will be in a better mood and sleep more. We are done with the morning bottle and only have a few days left on the night bottle. I want to be 100% done by 14 months. This should be easy to accomplish. She feeds herself with a fork and has amazing eye hand coordination.

Get this. She has started asking for us to put her hearing aids in!!! Of course she wants the hat on too but hey, whatever works. I go pick up her new molds tomorrow morning in Pottstown. Maybe it will make them more comfortable for her to wear.

I am tired and hungry. write more later.

The duck is still tasty!


Angela said...

We know you've been busy! Taking care of such a spirited little girl is hard work ... hopefully, you get some reprieve once she goes to bed at night.