Where did the day go?

What a day.

Woke up with such a migraine I couldn't move. Q went downstairs to get my medication... took the max amount I could for a 24 hour period and it didn't even touch it. He got Cait ready and took her to daycare. When he got home I called my doc in tears, they said to have someone drive me in right then. We get in the car and once at the doctors they give me a shot of Toradol. I get back home and finally start getting some relief. I take a nap from 9am till 11:30, get up for some food and crash on the couch at 1pm till 3:45pm.

Make dinner for everyone and then head over to my neighbors house for an Arbonne party. I get there and decide to have a glass of wine... it was fine at first but now the headache is starting to come back, or maybe the shot is wearing off. Either way I am miserable.

Time for bed.


Susan said...

Yikes!!! Now I'm glad that I didn't call you every time I thought about it yesterday... I'm sure the ringing of the phone would have been EXACTLY what you needed. How are you today?

Lora said...

you are an arbonne girl?
this is excellent news!