Aaron's 1st Birthday!

Cait's favorite Little Guy has turned 1 and she was so happy to celebrate this wonderful day with him.

All the kids played well together and no tantrums had to be dealt with. He was so lucky to get a manly tea set, earlier this evening I read that Jake has one too... maybe they will host a tea party and invite Cait over! After he opened his presents with Cait's help, everyone headed to the dining room for some cake. Cup cakes were passed around and when Susan asked if chocolate was okay, of course I said yes. At the time I wasn't thinking very clearly and will elaborate on this a bit later.

As you can see Miss Caitie Cait LOVED the chocolate cupcake! You will notice that I am holding her for reasons I am currently unaware of. As any good mother I was prepared for the mess that she would get all over herself and brought the little Chop a change of clothes. Of course, many of you may also know how I sometimes do not think things through all the way -- hence, holding her while she is getting frosting everywhere. I did not bring an extra change of clothing.

Look at how cute she is with frosting all over her precious little face.

I can only imagine how much of a mess she will make in 29 more days!

**Oh, I didn't forget... chocolate cupcakes with tons of tasty frosting makes for one crazy baby poop the next day. A ball had to be thrown out and a bath taken. 'Nuff said.


Susan said...

BTW, had you gone with the vanilla cupcake, the poop would have only been a different color. Still crazy... maybe it was the sprinkles!

I'm so glad you guys were there to be a part of Aaron's first... we can't wait to celebrate Cait's!

Amy Jo said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I wish I had been there. Next time! Are you planning something big for Cait's big day?