Thao & Jim's Wedding

Last night we went to a wedding in the city, down by Penn's Landing at Hibachi. Of course, while I was getting ready I tried on the pretty dress I purchased for this occasion and I felt like a cow. Got all depressed and decided to try on the good old standby little black dress. For some reason I felt I looked a little bit thinner in this and chest didn't look HUGE, so this was my outfit for the night. Some of you may or may not know what a process it was trying to find the other dress in the first place... well, it took alot of time, energy and tears. I do have to thank Quang for picking out the matching shoes! Since I did not wear said dress, I will return it... bit I am keeping the shoes!!

Okay, back to the wedding. Don't we look like quite the happy little family? Since everyone was taking so many pictures last I we didn't keep the camera out very much (I know... so unlike me!!), now I just hope that someone got some good shots.

The cocktail hour was nice, I had a few drinks and tried to keep Cait from screaming too much. Met the people that sponsored Q and his family to come to the United States, they are a wonderful family! Of course Cailtyn played her cute act all night, got all shy around people and only wanted mommy & daddy to hold her. It was during the cocktail hour that Daddy was all excited... he got to see the Eagles (I hate this team!) QB Donovan McNabb. Yup, he was a total dork and kept trying to look over to see him. After all of this we head to the dining room for the reception. Everyone takes their seat, not sure how we managed but our table was up front. Caitlyn ate her dinner, every last bit of it and then half of a container of Cheerios.

Our dinner wasn't served till 8:20! Yes, I said 8:20PM. We got there at 5pm, was supposed to ge thte show on the road at 6pm. I can see dinner being served at 7, no problem but anything after 8 is just crazy. Just so you know Cailtyn is asleep at 8pm every night, keeping her out and breaking her routine was a first. She was a real champ and stayed at the reception till 9pm and we decided to leave (food sucked anyways), put her in her PJ's and headed home. I gave her the last bottle in the car and right after she finished it she was passed out. We got home around 10pm, I carried her upstairs and put her to bed. I was amazed that she didn't wake up. Slept well until 4:15am. Q got up and gave her a bottle and played with her while I got some much needed sleep. He was ready to go back to bed at 6am, I took her into her bedroom and put her back to bed... she was obviously tired. She slept from 6 to 7:30 and then was up for the day. Back into her routine!!

Okay, I have rambled on and on... this isn't interesting reading material. It is now past my bedtime.
Just wanted to throw in a HAPPY 8 MONTH B-DAY to Miss Caitlyn Isabella!

P.S. I figured out why I was so moody and fat yesterday... PMS! Posted by Picasa


Susan said...

You look great! Glad that Cait was her sweet little self... sounds like you had a good time and have some great stories to share!

Campbell's Mom said...

You look fabulous! I am very impressed that Cait stayed out so late! Mine would have had a complete melt down if we had stayed 5 minutes past her bedtime!

Valerie & Quang said...

She did melt down a little bit but as long as we kept feeding her cheerios she was fine! Food, food and more food!

Angela said...

You clean up real nice, Val! :)