Peer Pressure certainly does start early

Okay, so I noticed that Jake has a new post on his page so I go over and check it out and notice that Caitlyn has been tagged. Never knew what a "meme" is but I guess I learned something today... same thing as those wonderful emails I keep getting asking some odd questions at times.

Here we go:

THREE NICKNAMES: Pork Chop, Caitie Cait, Miss Cranky Pants

THREE PEOPLE THAT MAKE CAITLYN LAUGH: Her Daddy, Simon (the Cat) and I guess I do... plus that silly baby she see's in the mirror.

THINGS THAT CAITLYN LOVES: Her Cat, Leap Frog Learning Table, Gerber Puffs and her doll Emily.

THINGS THAT CAITLYN HATES: Naps, long car rides, getting her diaper changed, and not getting her own way.

THREE THINGS THAT CAITLYN DOESN'T UNDERSTAND: Why she has to take a nap, why she has to put a diaper back on, and why Mommy and Daddy want to sleep past 5am EVERYDAY.

THREE THINGS ON CAIT'S FLOOR: All of her diaper changing gear, toys & even more toys.

THINGS CAITLYN IS DOING RIGHT NOW: Hopefully she is taking a nap at daycare since her ghetto azz teacher doesn't watch the kids well.

THREE THINGS CAITLYN CAN DO: Crawl very fast, pull up to standing, climb 1 stair to get out of a room.


THREE THINGS CAITLYN CANNOT DO: Take unassisted steps, babble (we hear a few screams but that's about it) and leave her hearing aids in her ears!

THREE FAVORITE FOODS: Anything from our plate, applesauce and strawberry-apple puffs.

THREE FOODS CAITLYN DOES NOT LIKE: Jars of green beans, avacado, and any of the meats in a jar unless you add apples or pears to it.

THREE BEVERAGES CAITLYN DRINKS REGULARY: Water with flouride drops, formula, and bath (haha, she does this too Jake... I think she pee's in it too, YUCKY!).

THREE SHOWS CAITLYN WATCHES: Hockey games, Little Einsteins, and dumb zombie movies her dad loves.

BABY BOYS WE TAG: Sammy, Aaron, and Mason.

BABY GIRLS WE TAG: Johanna, Lauren, Emma and Sarah.


Lora said...

Jake totally drinks his own urine in there. mmmmm.

Sarah's Mommy said...

I hate to admit it, but Sarah does this too! Ick!