Things I have learned...

I'll try to find a positive side to this...

No matter what they tell you, hearing aids can be chewed and still be fine - it just takes a while for them to dry and yes, they WILL work again!

I got Caitlyn bright red/orange/pink hearing aid "ear gear" and try to teach her to be proud of them.

Most "normal" kids I know don't have a whole team of people looking out for their best interest. Caitlyn has a social worker, OT, hearing therapist, audiologist, ENT and other people within Early Intervention that are there for her every little need.

As parents you will typically become great at research and the ability to learn new things is endless. In some ways you will become an expert about what ever your child has.

In so many ways, these little defects our kids have certainly give them more charachter! Shows us how strong we can really become!