Daddy's Little Angel

OH SNAP!!! Our little angel has grown so much these past 7 months, within a blink of an eye. She has already moved into her own room and all of her stuff is no longer in our bedroom. Our bedroom feels so empty without her changing pad and her mobile storage station. No longer do the smell of dirty diapers are permeatting throughout our bedroom or the clutterness of her bottles and diapers cover our bedroom. What is SNAP!!! I better start nailing down the windows and start setting up motion detectors. It is sad in a sense that her stuff is no longer in our bedroom, I guess this is a prelude to what will happen when she is ready to spread her wings and fly on her own. I will miss that diaper smell in our bedroom, I only hope that filling the void with a purchase of a 52 inch flat screen TV will help ease the pain and sorrow.

Fatherhood has had its share of the good times and the bad times. I long for those days of sleeping in til 11 AM on a Saturday morning and the key word is longing. There have been many times where I wanted to just give up and turn to a nice bottle of Congac for comfort but looking back on these last 7 months, it has definitely been worth the hassel. The picture above alone describes how I feel about fatherhood and shows that at the end of the day, memories like those are well worth its weight in gold. No matter how angry I am, how upset I feel, how confused I may be or how hard and tough I feel, the touch of daddy's little angel is this Superman's kryptonite. Lois Lane, you gotzzz to go!!!!

Every morning when I wake up I am greeted with that beautiful face to the right when I go to get her up from a good night of sleeping. That smile and that puppy look in here eyes melts my heart every day and tells me that today is going to be a good day. My little baby gave me her first kisses this past Saturday at a friend's 30th birthday BBQ. I only regret that I didn't realize that she was trying to give me kisses....and Val is so jealous!!!! OH SNAP....did daddy's lttle angel just played daddy??? I think she was testing me out with her little kisses and puppy look face because next thing I knew we were at WalMart buying her an expensive toy and I didn't even think twice about splurging for her. I AM DOOMED!!! I can hear the bank right now.....kaching...kaching....

These past 7 months have gone by so fast....I have never been happier and I look forward to the next 7 months....7 years....fatherhood has been everything that one can expect and more. I can't wait until I take her to her first movie, her first sporting event, her first buffet with daddy, her frist trip to the beach and her first trip to a Vietnamese restaurant to get some Pho (noodle soup) where she is able to participate and not just watch daddy. These are just a few of her soon to be favorite thinsg to do. Fatherhood has definitely changed me, I am a better person because of her and I have only my wife and God to thank for giving me a beautiful daughter.