I seem to update facebook and twitter a whole lot more often so check them out if you really want to know what is going on in my life. Let me know if you want the links to either one of them... usually updated pictures on there.

Insomnia is really hitting me. I can't sleep well anymore. Not sure what is going on.

One thing I am excite about is Lake Wallenpaupack this weekend. Going with 13 fine ladies - the festivities will beign Friday night and end Sunday morning. While up there a few of us will be going hiking @ Bushkill Falls. I love being outside and seeing new things. Just need to remember to wear orange! Bow hunting right now. I have been kinda shot before but with a blow dart... hurt like hell. Got stuck in my ass. Gotta love military experiences. Bunch of drunken idiots doing stupid stuff. Maybe some of the stupid fun happenings will take place this weekend.

I am so hungry right now. I know it isn't good to eat this late so I am trying to ignore it.

It is after 11 and I should be going to bed but I know I won't be able to sleep.

What sense does it make to go up there and lay with my eyes open?