I had a strange day. Very slow at work and then I got a pretty exciting call towards the end of the day. Sent my resume out tonight and will have another interview this week. I don't post anywhere else about potential jobs but here so if you are reading this please keep it quiet. :-) On my way home spanky called me telling me that the doc called and my biopsy results are in. I got my docs number and called them back. At the time of the call I was still on a high from the potential job but this certainly burst my bubble. One week ago today I had a suspicious mole on top of my left ear biopsied and got the results today. The woman said there are atypical cells and I need to come in next week to have the rest of it removed. So I have a scheduled appointment for 7:45am on Sept 24th. They mentioned that it was spitzoid and I am having troubles finding any real data on that but I haven't looked all that hard... I think I should just wait.

It is now 10pm and I know I should sleep but just can't. Too much on my mind.

Oh Cait is potty trained!! I am still too nervous about panties at night time but she will be in them by this weekend. She even does well all day at school. I am so very proud of her.

The game is close so I doubt Q will be home at a decent time... shutting down for the night.


SandieShores said...

oh wow!! I had given up coming here due to the sheer neglect!! LOL

Woo hoo Caity!! panties all the way..

So sorry about the mole.. you'll be OK.. I know you will. You haven't been to Ireland yet!