Locked down

No freaks, weirdo's and even "normal" people will be reading this unless you are granted permission! I have been neglecting the blog for quite some time now. Life has been up and down. Probably more down than up. I am going to try to turn that around and get back on track.

A month ago I started a new job and it has totally been kicking my ass. Some days I don't even have time to pee... I know that sounds hard to believe but when you are scheduled as tight as 15 minute increments it makes it hard.

Caitlyn has been doing really well. Even though her routine has changed at home she hasn't skipped a beat. The girl keeps me on my toes. She is very determined with everything she does. Honestly she is what keeps me going. I never thought I could love anyone so much. Of course she gets on my nerves but I try to remember that she really isn't evil -- just a 2 yr old! ha

Right now Quang is away on business. He has been gone since Sunday and shockingly the house is clean and there have been no issues. Well, Cait got a cough and slept with me last night but that isn't anything major. She did most of the sleeping, I got to lay there and dodge elbows, fists & feet. At one point I thought for sure she cracked one of my ribs. Tonight even though she cried for a minute I made her sleep in her room -- I NEED SOME SLEEP tonight!!

Crap, I forgot I started laundry. Need to finish it before I pass out. The damn cat is psycho right now. She is running from room to room. Meowing. Running. Meowing. Possessed.



susan said...

Still dying to know why you went into lock down in the first place... but oh so glad you gave me a pass to the new site! Looks great, btw... I keep saying that someday I'm going to navigate away from the safety of the pre-made blogger templates. Yeah right. We all know how adventurous I am!!!