Tuesday. Just Because.

This is for thsoe of you who don't have myspace...

Have I told you all that I love you lately? I think I have been slacking in that area. Yes, I have been a bit self absorbed lately. So trying to make it up to you I have uploaded some new pictures and check out the killer playlist I created. Some of you may not appreciate it and you can happily listen to music elsewhere. That is my polite way of saying Kiss my ass. :-)

What a week!!!! Work is crazy this week. I am not a fan of meetings and I am booked till Friday. Definitely time for a drink. Too bad this house is dry. Oh wait there are a few bottle of wine and a very old bottle of bubbly... maybe if I wasn't so damn lazy I would go open one.

Last Friday night a good friends took me out for dinner and a movie as a belated birthday gift. It was a wonderful night. We met in KOP at the theater and walked over to Bahama Breeze for dinner. Well, on the way over there while walking on the sidewalk an SUV cop car came inches from backing me over -- Yes, I wrote while we were on the SIDEWALK. Susan had never seen me jump so fast. So, we cautiously walk over to Bahama Breeze and head for the bar. It was our first time at a bar together and my first time in years! Hers too. She proceeds to spill her drink while sitting there so there was a bright green mess all over the bar. We laughed for a bit about that. More drinks were ordered. We finally got a table.

I must have the smallest bladder and had to pee. Located the restroom and took care of business. Like any good girl I washed my hands. When I pushed the pump for the soap to come out I noticed that it looked funny... all watery. I freaked out a bit not knowing what had just landed on my hand. THERE WAS A MOUTHWASH DISPENSER ON THE WALL!!! Who in the hell mounts a bottle that looks like soap of mouthwash on the wall of a restroom?!?! I walk out of there as fast as I could cause I felt like such an ass! Got back to the table and let Susan know of my bathroom escapades. She later saw for herself.

As usual we had great conversation during dinner. It was very personal so that shall be left out of this!

We stumble over the the movies and watch In The Land of Women. I was pretty sure this movine would suck but it was actually decent. So glad I saw it. After all the cuddling in the theater we walked to the car and said our good bye's. I have to admit that she was the perfect date. ;-) Haha, I bet I caught you on the cuddling part!!! We didn't.


Angela said...

I'm sure your hands were Minty Fresh all night. Thanks for the new pics!

Jack's Mom said...

lol, ewww! glad you had a fun evening! i always manage to spill my drink :)