Hearing Aids & Early Intervention

Last friday 3/31/06 Caitlyn received her first hearing aids, it was a really tough day on me. I think everything that is going on had finally hit me. My little girl has to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. I love her so very much and only want the best for her. Today we had our first meeting with Early Intervention and I know that this will help our family out quite a bit. Cait seems to be hitting all of her milestones but has a slight problem with rolling over from front to back, they said not to worry since she is so chubby and usually bigger babies take longer to roll on their own. We were given some exercises for her and will do them as often as possible. She is such a happy baby and so very outgoing and friendly. In a way I think all of this is so much harder on me than it is on her. I will always ask myself if I did something to cause this. Maybe this will make her into a better and more understanding person as she grows up. Technology is certainly on her side, she has the best digital hearing aids possible and so much love from both parents and everyone around her.